What are You Trying to Escape From?

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seeking to escape from internal issues/feelings of inadequacy with external things, such as drugs, sex, alcohol, food, even work, does not absolve the issues. These “distractions” further suppress the consciousness needed to resolve the issues, while driving you further away from gaining peace and clarity. Peace and clarity cannot come to a mind that is absent from reality and from the present.

This is a lesson I learned the hard way. In the past, I was always feeling that I was not doing enough and was not good enough, despite how successful I appeared on the surface. I started seeking solace in all the wrong places, and still never reaching the place of peace I so desired. I came to the point where I was tired of the mental “fight” in my mind and decided I was going to give myself a reality check.

I faced the issues head on in the moment I was in, providing myself with a much-needed reality check. I determined the sources and causes of my feelings of inadequacy, and decided that I would overcome them to be the best “me” that I could be in this world. To do this, necessary changes were made and some things were accepted as they were, to stop my feelings of stress and worry.

Often times, we think the answers to fixing our problems are outside of us, but actually, the answers have been inside us all along. All we had to do is take a pause from the frantic rush of today’s society to take a look inside.

Peace, blessings, and love.


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