Trusting Your Intuition

It’s an age-old concept. Follow your intuition because it’s that little voice inside you that is telling you what is or is not right for you.

I feel very in touch with my intuition. I get strong feelings about certain situations and people and can relatively tell when I am on the right path.

However, I don’t always listen to it. Sometimes, I find myself knowing I am entering into a situation that is not right for me and then ending up disappointed and kicking myself for ignoring my intuition.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what causes me to do that. I found that I have a fear sometimes that what I really want will never come to fruition. This makes me settle for what’s right there in front of me, even though my intuition is telling me it is not right.

Often times, what we really want feels like trusting that something unknown will work out the way you hope it will. It can also feel like that unknown may never happen sometimes. This feeling can cause us to settle for less than we deserve, while placing ourselves in situations that we do not need to be in.

Yet, of course, it’s hard to trust in the unknown sometimes, especially for those of us who always want to know what’s ahead.

I’m working on doing a better job of trusting my intuition to prevent myself from repeating careless mistakes. This thought came to me last week: If you keep making the same mistakes, it means you are not learning a lesson that you need to learn. Once you acknowledge the mistake and allow yourself to grow from it, what you want (that you were never able to get by repeating the mistake) will finally come into your life because you will be in the place to recieve it.

Moral of this post: Trust that intuition to guide you to where you need to be and to help you make the right decisions. What you really want sometimes seems unknown and far away, but you have to trust that God has you on the right path to bring EXACTLY what you need into your life EXACTLY when you need it. Do not allow the fear of not getting what you really want cause you to settle for less than you deserve or less that what God has laid out for you.

Peace, love, and blessings….

Enjoy the Journey

Life PathI believe in celebrating life.

Throughout our lives, we are always using our drive and ambition to work towards various goals. Whether these goals are large or small, they often take up a great deal of our “mind space.” Lately I have noticed various friends and family members working hard towards their goals and not allowing themselves to feel self-satisfaction or true happiness until the goals are met. Yes, it is great to be driven and ambitious to meet goals, but not to the point that you do not allow yourself to feel enjoyment/true happiness the entire time that you are working towards the goals.

In the past, I spent a number of years rediculously rushing through stages of life that should have been fun, and essentially carefree, when compared to “adult life.” In high school, I was always in a rush to go to college. In college, I was always in rush to graduate and start working full time. Due to my rigidness and not being truly happy with who I was, I did not allow myself to enjoy the experiences of those timeframes the way I could have and I always looked to the future to be better than where I was. Now, I am living by going with the flow of life. I know that as long as I am doing my part to work hard and to pray and meditate to make sure I am working towards the right path, I will be successful.

Instead of wallowing in the dreadful feelings of not being at your goal, celebrate the steps you are taking towards achieving your goals. Every step to reach your goal is an achievement already and should be recognized. Wallowing in self-doubt, fear, and regret, only make your journey miserable and make you “reduce your present to a means of getting ‘there’,” as Eckhart Tolle states in his book “The Power of Now.” He also states that if you do not learn to find true happiness within yourself, you will always be on a perpetual search for happiness. So contrary to popular belief, happiness originates within ourselves and we decide if we will feel happy or not. Yes, outside factors can influence pleasure, which many mistake for true happiness, but these factors are not permanent like a calm, internal state of happiness.

To sum it all up: Don’t forget to enjoy the journey on the way to your destination. The time spent traveling to your destination is time that you can never get back. Be in the moment. Celebrate your achievements on the way to your destination. Trust that God will not lead you astray.

Peace, love, and blessings…